spain 2003
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Today was another common cold recovery day. We drove to Moraira and explored our nearest town. A place neither beautiful nor ugly, it is probably typical of many Spanish seaside towns, though here there are none of the tower blocks that dominate other places on the coast.

It is a place of second and holiday homes, of retirees, of restaurants and bars and furniture shops. It is mostly new, everything built in a hurry in the last couple of decades. Roads swoop up and down or zigzag up the sides of the concrete-filled barrancos, while all the houses struggle to gain at least a suggestion of a sea view. The houses themselves are designed in a sort of whimsical Spanish farmhouse style, with lots of Roman tiles that serve no purpose other than decoration, lots of arches, lots of white stucco disguising their breeze-block construction.

Everything is saved by the brilliance of the sun and the greenery that flourishes around them, and by the fact that there are so many villas that in the end the eye registers only stucco and tiles and succulents, not individual dwellings. It is suburbia by the sea, but certainly no worse than, say, Herne Bay or Skegness, and at least here it is sunny most of the year and no-one calls their bungalow "Dun-Commutin" (but there are plenty of houses called "Casa",and I haven't yet seen a bungalow in Whitstable called "House"!)!


ruin near Moraira